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What is EIR?

We’re surrounded by technology every day, yet many young people have no idea what an engineer really does.

The EIR program is Professional Engineers Ontario’s flagship engineering outreach program, reaching elementary and high school students. The volunteer EIR brings real-life dimension to the curriculum, using hands-on projects, presentations and other activities in the classroom. By sharing their personal stories and passion for their profession, the EIR’s presence in the classroom puts a face to engineering. With over 15 years of experience, this program uses proven outreach materials and strategies, continuing to deliver high-quality STEM outreach to schools across Ontario.

Helping to Bridge the Gap

By connecting real Engineers and Engineering Interns (EITs), we’re helping to bridge the gap that often exists between the real world and classroom theory. Volunteer EIRs are selected through a careful application process, emphasizing their enthusiasm, communication abilities, and experience working with children.

Promoting STEM Literacy

It is important to understand the world around us and the technology we depend on. STEM education allows for an interdisciplinary approach through which students can learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts in relation to their real world applications.By promoting STEM literacy through shedding light on the theory and applications of modern technology, students feel motivated to further pursue an education and work towards a career in STEM fields.

Everyone Wins

The EIRs do not just drop into a school for a day – they spend the year getting to know the students and teachers through interactive, engaging visits. In this way, relationships are developed between the EIR and students, providing mentorship and enrichment as they help to support the school curriculum.

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) administers the EIR program with the assistance of the Engineers of Tomorrow (EoT) team, a venture of Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB).