Tools to help educators and engineers engage students in STEM learning.

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The EIR program encourages volunteer engineers to work closely with educators to develop a program custom-tailored to the school. There is no cookie cutter approach. What EIRs and educators plan depends on their schedules, interests, and personalities as well as the school culture and the interests/needs of the students. But we don’t expect our volunteers to do it alone. Along with our Program Guide, this section of our website offers a variety of tools and resources to help educators and engineers working to engage students in STEM learning.

Program Guide

Classroom activities developed specifically for the Engineer-in-Residence program.

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EIR Forum for Idea Sharing

This is designed to be a ‘go-to’ space for active EIR’s to post their ideas for activities and projects that specifically relate to the Ontario curriculum or special activities that teachers get excited about.

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Messaging Guidelines

These messages create a safe and welcoming point of entry for conversation about engineering.

Web Guide

Ontario Curriculum Alignment

Ontario Curriculum Alignment for Engineer-in-Residence Secondary Classroom Activities: Science and Technological Education

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Useful Sites


A “global science community” – SpongeLab has a ton of content, including a vast collection of online learning games, animations and videos and images. It also has lesson plans and other educator resources.

Howard Hudges Medical Institute Science Education Site

Amazing site featuring activities, virtual tours of cool places (like a salt marsh), an ask the scientist feature, resources for teachers and information for students on how to become a scientist.

PEO’s “How to Become an Engineer”

PEO’s educational outreach website contains great resources for students and teachers related to engineering and becoming a professional engineer.

Science Kids 

Science Kids is the home of science and technology on the Internet for children around the world. Including an entire section on Engineering for Kids, this is a fantastic site full of science experiments, cool facts, online games, free activities, ideas, lesson plans, photos, quizzes, videos, and science fair projects.